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My name is Vito Martinez, and I am a friar with the Capuchin Franciscans (OFM Cap). Before joining the Order I lived in Grand Rapids, MI for 15 years. Currently I live at the student friary in Chicago, where I attend St. Xavier University in pursuit of a Computer Science major and a Philosophy minor. Afterwards, the plan is to attend the Catholic Theological Union for theological study.

I started making rosaries in January 2010 during my Novitiate year. I found the process to helpful to my spiritual life: the silence and concentration involved in making a rosary allowed me to enter into a prayerful state of mind. It is also a skill that not many friars in my Order still do. For both reasons, I’ve continued to make habit rosaries (sometimes called belt or side rosaries).

Since January I’ve made numerous rosaries, both large and small. Not all of them have been masterpieces of art, but I’ve learned to create a strong and durable habit rosary used by friars. Since others besides religious have shown interest in these large rosaries, I make wall rosaries as well.

The Seraphic Rosary or Franciscan Crown

This space is to showcase my finished rosaries while providing help to others interested in acquiring a habit rosary or desiring to make one of their own. Peace and all good,

Bro. Vito

Personal blog: Stumbling After Francis

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St. Seraphino of Montegranaro


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Questions or comments?

Feel free to leave any comments. If you have questions or would like to inquire about obtaining a habit rosary, please email me: vito[AT]friartech.org.

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