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Blog Updating

Because of my intense school schedule and the busy nature of post-novitiate here in Chicago, I haven’t had a chance to update this blog as much as I’d have liked. With a week before school starts again, I hope to add a little “flair” to the blog…and hopefully check in more often!

Another reason I need to update is because the needs and concerns of my province. I will soon be adding another page that specifically outlines the conditions I can make a rosary for someone. Unfortunately the Digital World is a great place for ministry, but is still filled with people who seek to scam or take advantage of the ignorance of others. I’ve had the chance to make rosaries for people in other countries than my own, but that may soon end.

If you’ve recently emailed me, I’ll attempt to get back with you about the particulars. However I will also include a link to the new standards I’ve been asked to use by my Order.

Thanks for understanding, and blessings to all of you who make The Holy Rosary a part of your prayer life.

La Paz… -vito


A Capuchin Rosary and Role of the Pendant

One of the wonderful friars from the NY province asked me for a rosary a few months back. While I found it tough to work my rosary-making skill into my school, ministry, prayer, and community time, I realize that this is still something that give me joy and allows me to enter into a state of prayer.

Today I finished the rosary and went out on the roof to get a few pictures of the rosary.

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Rosary for a Benedictine

It seems like I’ve been asked by a lot of other religious to make rosaries as well. During my vacation break I was asked to make a rosary for a Benedictine out of Florida. It was hard to find the time to complete it. But this past week I spent a lot of time at our high school seminary, and had time to complete it.

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Preparing to Move

After getting back from our final retreat here at Novitiate, we’ve got 14 days left before the year is done. It’s getting a little hectic with the packing, cleaning, and studying I have to do in preparation for the move, but I’m still finding time to make rosaries when I can.

If you’ve requested to purchase a rosary, I haven’t forgot about you!

Thanks for your patience. -Br. Vito


Finally Finished!

The crucifix on the left is more ornate, but the one on the right has better woodwork and a built-in hanger.

Almost 2 months ago I started on a Franciscan Crown for someone. The one hang-up was waiting for the San Damiano crucifix to come in. Ordinarily I use smaller ones, but the buyer requested something a little bigger. Unfortunately the place I ordered it from took a really long time to get the crucifix to me.

Yesterday I got it in, and was able to complete the rosary. I took pictures with both crucifixes to show the difference.
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Business is Good

Being an ex car-salesman, it’s hard for me not to see the world in terms of numbers. For years I watched margins, gross profit, floor plan reports, and negotiated deals while trying to always ensure a profit. It seemed like my success was tied to my ability to make the company money.

Unfortunately that sometimes still carries over to the “business” of making rosaries.
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7 Decade Rosary

Rosary I've been working on

This is a 7 Decade Rosary I’ve been working on. I’m still waiting on the medals and the San Damiano Crucifix to come in.

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