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Guide to Making a “Breakaway”

If you inspect a habit rosary worn by someone who wears it on a regular basis, you’ll often find a mechanism that allows the rosary to not break when it’s pulled, tangled, or caught on something. Especially a longer rosary (like the one I wear) is extremely susceptible to getting caught in a car door, stuck on a pew, or pulled by someone/something. 

This breakaway was made by another friar, made smaller than mine.


The term breakaway is what I’ve called this unique mechanism, simply because no one has provided me with a better name. I got the concept from the breakaway rim used in basketball: a device that keeps guys from crashing the backboard after a big dunk. The purpose of a rosary breakaway is to provide a means for the rosary to be torn away from the belt without destroying the rosary. Since the device is built to provide a weak-spot, the breakaway prevents eye pins or jump rings from being pulled out. It also prevents cord rosaries from snapping. 

I’ve been asked several times to make a guide for these. I took some time because, honestly, I’m still not an expert at it. However people tell me I’m my own worst critic, so I decided to post this guide on how to make a breakaway, especially for those religious who are interested in making their own habit rosary. 

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